Building A Better Food System

Based in the heart of Kansas City, we are pioneers in the field of botanical engineering, with a deep-rooted passion for green living and sustainable practices. Our mission is to bring the benefits and beauty of nature into every home and office through our advanced, custom-designed grow systems.

Whether you're a home chef seeking the freshest ingredients, a houseplant enthusiast craving a lush indoor oasis, or a company desiring to boost productivity and aesthetics with our stunning Green Walls, we've got you covered.

We offer a diverse range of grow systems, including soil systems, hydroponics, and Green Walls, each carefully designed to suit your unique needs and space. Our systems are not just about plants; they're about creating healthier, greener, and more vibrant living and working environments.

We pride ourselves on our Kansas City roots, and we're thrilled to help local and national clients revolutionize their spaces with our green solutions.

Welcome to our green revolution. We can't wait to grow together!